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War widows/widowers


see also "income support supplement"

bereavement assistance, 8.1.4

exempted from lodging a claim for ISS in certain circumstances, 2.1.2/Service Pension and Income Support Supplement Claims

Pension Bonus Scheme, 5.6.2/Basic Eligibility Requirements for Pension Bonus Scheme; 5.6.10

Pension Loans Scheme, 5.4.2

pensioner concession card, 5.8.2

remarriage of, 4.2

Repatriation Health Cards, 7.1.2/Repatriation Health Card For All Conditions (Gold Card)

Transport Concession Card (TC1), 5.8.3

Veterans Supplement, 6.10.3/Rates of Veterans Supplement

war widows under 55 at 1/7/95, 3.4.2/Impact of Equalisation

who are also veterans, 3.1.2; 3.1.3; 9.1.2/Assessment Process for Service Pension Payable to War Widow/Widower-Pensioners

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