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Taxation issues


see also "Family Tax Benefit and children"

see also "franking credits"

business income, 10.3.1

deductions for sole traders and partnerships, 10.3.2/Allowable Deductions for Sole Traders and Partnerships

dependent child bereavement payments, 8.1.5/Calculating Amount of Dependent Child Bereavement Payment

female age equalisation, 3.4.2/Impact of Equalisation

GST exemption on motor cars and spare parts, 6.9

income equalisation deposits, 9.5.4/Description - Loans, Bills, Debentures, Notes, Bullion & Equalisation Deposits

invalidity income support supplement, 3.2.3

invalidity service pensions, 3.1.3

investments with tax paid, 9.5.6/Deemed Income from Life Insurance Products Regarded as Managed Investments

mortgage interest deductions and investment property, 10.1.6/Income from Real Estate

payment summary, 11.6.1; 11.6.4

pensioner tax offset, 11.6.6

remote area allowances, 5.2.3

tax assessment and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, 5.7

tax withholdings, 11.6.5

TFN data matching, 12.3

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