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Service pensioners

see also "income support payments"

see also "income support pensioners"

see also "service pension"

bereavement assistance, 8.1.1; 8.1.4/Deceased War Widow/Widower Receiving Service Pension

comparable foreign pensions, 3.7.1

death before claim determined, 8.1.2/Death of Claimant or Child Before Claim Determined

deeming rate calculation, 9.5.2/Deeming Rate Calculation - Service Pension Couple

obligations of, 12.1.1; 12.2.1

permanent incapacity definition, 3.6.2/Assessment

pension supplement, 5.12.1

Repatriation Health Card, 7.1.2/Repatriation Health Card For All Conditions (Gold Card); 7.1.3

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