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Service pension

Part 3

see also "income support payments"

see also "income support pensioners"

see also "pensions"

see also "qualifying service"

age service pension, 3.1.2; 3.4

claims for, 2.1.2/Service Pension and Income Support Supplement Claims

commencement date following claim, 3.3.2

discretion to determine as not a member of a couple, 9.3.3

effective dates of grant, 11.1.3

eligibility for, 3.1

invalidity service pension, 3.1.3; 3.6

non-residents, 3.5.3; 11.4.1

non-taxable payments, 11.6.3/Non-taxable Income Support Payments

order of reduction, 9.1.5

payability, 3.3

partner service pension, 3.1.4

Pension Bonus Scheme, 5.6.2

powers to administer, 11.9.2

rate assessment process, 9.1.2

rejection of claim, 2.1.4/Consideration and Determination of a Claim

reviews and appeals, 12.5.1

tax issues, 11.6.2

while travelling overseas, 11.4.2

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