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see also "non-Australian residence"

see also "non-homeowner"

see also "principal home"

and pension rates, 9.2

Australian residents who served with non-Australian defence forces, 1.1.3/Australians who Served in Commonwealth or Allied Forces

broken periods of residence in Australia, 3.5.2/Concession to Continuous Period

difficulty in accessing financial services, 11.5.3/Exemption Due to Difficulty Accessing Financial Services

overseas residents, 3.5.3; 11.5.6

portability of payments, 11.4

remote area determinations, 5.2.3

required periods of, 3.5.2

requirements for service pension or ISS claims, 2.1.2/Service Pension and Income Support Supplement Claims

service pension and 10 year residency requirement, 3.5.2/Continuous Period

usual place of residence and remote area allowance, 5.2.4

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