administrative powers, 11.9.1

delegate's role and responsibilities, 11.9.3/Role and Responsibilities of a Delegate of the Repatriation Commission

direct credit powers, 11.5.2/Powers of Commission in Relation to Direct Credit Payments

information-gathering powers, 12.2

may determine two people not a couple, 9.3.3

not bound by rules of evidence, 2.3.2/Making Decisions Under the VEA

obligations imposed by, 12.1.3

pays for medical treatment, 7.1.1

proof of identity, 2.2.1

proof, standards and onus of, 2.3.1

review determinations, 12.5.2; 12.5.6

treatment of unidentifiable conditions, 7.3

VCES determinations, 8 Determination of Assistance (ESPM)

view of incurred danger, 1.2.1/Incurred Danger