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Rent assistance


see also "rent payments"

assessment of non-homeowner, 9.2.2/Non-Homeowner's Basic Assessment Rules

bereavement assistance, 8.1.2/Payments and Allowances Included; 8.1.4/Separation Due to Ill Health or Respite Care

daily entitlement, 11.1.2

disability income rent test, 5.1.3/Disability Income Rent Test

eligibility for, 5.1.2

illness separated couples, 9.2.2/Married Couples Living Apart

indexation, 9.7.3/Income Support

ISS ceiling rate impact, 5.1.3/Calculating the Rate of Rent Assistance Payable

non-taxable status, 11.6.3/Non-taxable Income Support Payments

portability of, 11.4.1

sale of principal home, 9.2.7/Sale or Deprivation of Home

VCES component, 5.4 Rent Assistance (ESPM)

while travelling overseas, 11.4.3

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