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Qualifying service


Allied mariners, 1.2.1/Qualifying Service for Allied Mariners

Allied veterans, 1.2.1/Qualifying Service for Allied Veterans

Australians who served in Commonwealth or allied defence forces, 1.1.3/Australians who Served in Commonwealth or Allied Forces

claims for, 2.1.2/Qualifying Service Claims

Commonwealth veterans, 1.2.1/Qualifying Service for Commonwealth Veterans

incurred danger, 1.2.1/Incurred Danger

Post World War 2, 1.4.1

proof of identity documents, 2.2.2/Establishing Proof of Identity

warlike service, 1.2.1/Determinations of Warlike Service

World War 1, 1.3.1/World War 1 - Qualifying and Operational Service

World War 2 service outside Australia, 1.3.2

World War 2 service within Australia, 1.3.3

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