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Prisoners of war

allied merchant mariner, 1.1.4/Allied Merchant Mariners

civilians in WW2, 1.1.2/Eligible Civilians - World War 2; 1.2.1/Qualifying Service for Veterans

daily care fees, 9.2.4/In Care – Basic Assessment Rules; 9.2.4/Respite Care

funeral benefits, 8.3.2/Automatic Funeral Benefit Grant for a Deceased Veteran

gold card eligibility, 7.1.2/Repatriation Health Card for All Conditions (Gold Card)

lump sums specifically exempted, 10.1.3/Exempt Lump Sums

one-off payment to Australian service personnel held captive in Japan, 10.2.3/Other Disregarded Assets

orphan's pension eligibility, 4.3

restitution payments, Commonwealth and Allied countries, 10.1.5/Restitution Payments for POW Japan – Commonwealth and Allied Countries

VCES eligibility, 2 Eligibility (ESPM)

war widow's/widower's pension eligibility, 4.2

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