see also "property assets"

see also "residency"

assessment on entering aged care, 9.2.7/Entering Care

assets relating to, 10.2.3/Disregarded Assets Relating to the Principal Home

business asset, 10.3.2/Summary of Assessable Assets of Sole Traders and Partnerships

contents of, 10.2.4/Assets Value of Personal Effects, Household Contents, Vehicles and Cash

deeming on proceeds from sale, 9.5.4/Deemed Income from Savings Investments

definition of, 9.2.2/Principal Home; 9.2.2/Homeowner's Basic Assessment Rules

departure from, 9.2.7

deprivation of, 9.6.8

land in excess of 2 hectares, 9.2.3/House and Curtilage

sale of, 9.5.4/Description - Sale of Principal Home or Other Property; 9.2.7/Sale or Deprivation of Home

temporary absence from, 9.2.7/Temporary Absence

transfer to private company, Treatment of Assessable Assets – Private & Unlisted Public Companies – Not Assessed under New T&C Rules

used as security for a loan, 10.2.2/Assessing Assets with Encumbrances and Loans