agreement relating to sale of home, 9.5.4/Description - Sale of Principal Home or Other Property

assessable assets impact, 10.2.2/Assessing Assets with Encumbrances and Loans

insurance payments, 10.1.3/Exempt Income from Other Non-government Sources

interest deductions and income received from boarders or lodgers, 10.1.6/Income from Boarders or Lodgers

interest deductions and real estate, 10.1.6/Income from Real Estate

interest deductions and sole traders or partnerships, 10.3.2/Allowable Deductions for Sole Traders and Partnerships

mortgage saver accounts, 9.5.4/Description – Cash & Accounts

principal home, 9.2.2/Homeowner's Basic Assessment Rules

treatment of encumbrances for deeming purposes, 9.5.2/Scope of Deeming

trusts, 9.5.6/Deemed Income from Public Unit Trust Investments