see also "couples"

see also "illness separated couples"

see also "not a member of a couple"

custodial parents and duplicate PCC requests, 5.8.2/Eligible Children and PCC

de facto relationships, 9.3.2/De facto Relationship

deprivation provisions on separation, 9.6.7

effect of imprisonment on, 11.7.3

effect on VCES payments, 3 Education Allowances (ESPM)

maintenance income, 10.6.1

marital separations (non-illness), 9.3.3/Separated Under One Roof

notification of, 12.1.4/Time Frame for Response - Notification Period

partner service pension eligibility, 3.1.4

Pension Bonus Scheme impact, 5.6.9/Change of Marital Status During Qualifying Period

Pension Loans Scheme impact, 5.4.5; 5.4.6/Recovery of Debt Prior to Death of Debtor

remarriage of war widows/widowers, 4.2

residential situation, 9.2.2/Married Couples Living Apart

separated under one roof, 9.3.3/Separated Under One Roof