see also "indigent circumstances"

see also "unrealisable assets"

commuting an assets test exempt income stream, 10.5.3/Additional Rules Regarding Commutation

crisis payment, 3.12.1

death during, 8.3.5

disability income rent test, 5.1.3/Disability Income Rent Test

early release of superannuation, 10.4.3/Early Release of Superannuation Benefits

issues affecting calculation of the pension rate, 9.1.4/Reductions or Increases in Rate of Service Pension or ISS

lump sum advance repayment reassessment due to, 3.11.5

Pension Loans Scheme participation, 5.4.3/Impact of Pension Loans Scheme on Other Entitlements

review of lump sum advance hardship assessment decision, 3.11.6

rules for failed loans, 10.2.4/Assessing Failed Loans and Debts

special exemption from deeming, 9.5.3/Special Exemptions from Deeming