9.5.2/Scope of Deeming

see also "assets assessment"

see also "deeming provisions"

accommodation bond refunds, 9.2.4/Accommodation Bonds

accommodation charge refunds for charge exempt resident, 9.2.4/Accommodation Charge

deemed income, 9.5.2/Operation of Deeming

exemptions from deeming, 9.5.3

funeral bonds exceeding limit, 10.2.3/Disregarded Assets Relating to Deceased Estates and Funeral Expenses

loans, 10.2.4/Assessing Loans and Guarantor Arrangements

managed investments, 9.5.6

proceeds of sale of home, 9.2.7/Sale or Deprivation of Home; 9.5.4/Deemed Income from Savings Investments

savings investments, cash, bills, bonds and debentures, 9.5.4

shares, 9.5.5

shown on financial statements for a business, 10.3.2/Summary of Assessable Assets of Sole Traders and Partnerships