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see also "documentation"

decision-making and available evidence, 11.9.3/Role and Responsibilities of a Delegate of the Repatriation Commission

education entry payment requirements, 5.3

intention to acquire new home, 9.2.7/Sale or Deprivation of Home

Pension Bonus Scheme requirements, 5.6.4/Requirements for Registration

proof of identity, 2.2.4

relationship to deceased veteran, 2.2.2

rent assistance requirements, 5.1.3/Rent Verification

review of decision, 12.5.2/Processing Requests for Review; 12.5.6/Processing Requests for Review

review of Statements of Principles, 4.5.4/Review of RMA Decisions on Statements of Principles by the SMRC

rules of, 2.3.1; 2.3.2/Making Decisions under the VEA

service documents and other evidence of service, 1.2.5

statutory declarations, 1.2.5/Statutory Declarations as Evidence of Service

treatment of, 2.3.2/Treatment of Evidence

trustee appointment requirements, 11.3.3/Appointment of a Trustee

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