see also "verification of documents"

comparable foreign pensions, 3.7.4

domicile at time of enlistment or appointment, 3.5.4/Establishing Domicile

Education Entry Payment, 5.3

exchange of information, 12.4.2

exemption from direct credit, 11.5.3

funeral benefits, 8.3.4

GST exemption on motor cars and spare parts, 6.9

information gathering, 12.2.2/How can we Gather Information?; 12.2.4

obligation notices, 12.1.4/Legal Requirements for Section 54 Obligations

Pension Bonus Scheme, 5.6.4/Registration Issues - DVA and Centrelink; 5.6.5/Work Requirements of the Pension Bonus Scheme

Pension Loans Scheme, 5.4.3/Application for Pension Loans Scheme

proof of identity, 2.2.1; 2.2.4

qualifying age, 3.4.1

rent assistance, 5.1.3/Rent Verification; 5.4 Rent Assistance (ESPM)

supporting claim to be a trustee, 11.3.3/Appointment of a Trustee