Part 8

see also "bereavement assistance"

see also "bereavement period"

see also "deceased veteran"

bank account closed, 8.1.3/Payment of Single Pensioner Bereavement Payment

before claim determined, 2.1.5; 8.1.2/Death of Claimant or Child Before Claim Determined; 8.2.3

compensation offsetting, 9.10.1

deceased estates and funeral expenses, 10.2.3/Disregarded Assets Relating to Deceased Estates and Funeral Expenses

dependent child, 8.1.5

funeral benefit, 8.3

impact of date of effect of certain claims, 11.2.2

in connection with service, 1.1.1/Definition of a Veteran; 1.1.2/Eligible Civilians - World War 2; 1.2.2/Operational Service; 4.2; 4.3; 4.4

in non-operational areas, 1.4.1/Service in the Malayan Emergency and Indonesian Confrontation

Orphan's Pension, 4.3

Pension Bonus Scheme members, 5.6.11

Pension Loans Scheme debt recovery, 5.4.6/Recovery of Debt After Death of Debtor

pension suspended or cancelled at time of, 8.1.2/Effect of Suspension, Limitation or Cancellation of Pension

prior to completion of three years' service, 1.2.4/Discharge Prior to Completion of Period of Effective Full-time Service

simultaneous, of couple, 8.1.2/Survivor Dies During Bereavement Period; 8.2.2

surviving partner dies before disability pension bereavement payment made, 8.2.2

surviving partner dies during bereavement period, 8.1.2/Survivor Dies During Bereavement Period

war widow/widower, 8.1.4/Deceased War Widow/Widower Receiving Income Support Supplement; 8.1.4/Deceased War Widow/Widower Receiving Service Pension

War Widow's/Widower's Pension, 4.2