see also "de facto relationships"

see also "family units"

see also "illness separated couples"

see also "marital status changes"

see also "non-illness separated couples"

see also "not a member of a couple"

see also "relationships"

see also "respite care couple"

see also "savings provision - non-pensioner partner pre-1995 (saved 04 cases)"

see also "surviving partners"

de facto couples, 9.3.2/De facto Relationship

death of survivor of, 8.1.2/Survivor Dies During Bereavement Period; 8.2.2

deeming rate example, 9.5.2/Deeming Rate Calculation - Service Pension Couple

discretionary trusts, Assessable Assets from Discretionary Trusts pre 01/01/2002

entry contributions, 9.2.5/Entry Contribution

female age equalisation, 3.4.2

home ownership, 9.2.2/Homeowner's Basic Assessment Rules

imprisonment of partner, 11.7.3

investment income, 9.5.6/Deemed Income from Superannuation & Roll-over Investments

joint accounts, 11.5.2/Accounts into Which Direct Credit Payments can be Made

marital status, 9.3

non-pensioner partner's superannuation benefits, 10.4.3/Treatment of Non-Pensioner Partner's Superannuation Investments

not a member of a couple determination, 9.3.3

Partnered Pensioner Bereavement Payment, 8.1.4

payments to partners, 3.1

Pension Bonus Scheme, 5.6.2/Basic Eligibility Requirements for Pension Bonus Scheme; 5.6.4/Registration of Members of a Couple

Pension Loans Scheme, 5.4.4/Management and Maintenance of Pension Loans; 5.4.5

proof of relationship, 2.2.2

remote area allowance, 5.2.2

rent assistance, 5.1.3/Disability Income Rent Test; 5.1.3/Rent Assistance Rates and Thresholds

separated under one roof, 9.3.3/Separated Under One Roof

separation for overseas travel, 11.4.3

special residences, 9.2.5/Special Residence - Basic Assessment Rules

students in de facto relationships, 3 Education Allowances (ESPM)

tax file numbers, 12.3.4

tax rebate levels, 11.6.6

war widow's/widower's eligibility, 4.2

with children, 9.4