see also "dependent children"

see also "eligible children"

see also "minors"

see also "orphan's pension"

see also "savings provision - child related payments"

see also "students"

see also "Youth Allowance"

bereavement payment for deceased dependent child, 8.1.5

ceasing to be dependent, 3.1.4;

death before claims determined, 8.1.2/Death of Claimant or Child Before Claim Determined

duplicate PCC requested by custodial parent, 5.8.2/Custodial parents and PCC

effective dates, 11.1.4/Effective Dates for General Variations

eligibility for VCES, 2 Eligibility (ESPM)

impact on income support pension assessment, 9.4.3

marital status indicator, 9.3.2

Pensioner Concession Card, 5.8.2

prescribed student child, 9.4.3/Effect of Children on Ordinary/Adjusted Income Free Area

proof of relationship, 2.2.2

re-direction of payments, if pensioner imprisoned, 11.7.3

remote area allowance, 5.2.1

rent assistance and family situation, 5.1.3/Rent Assistance Rates and Thresholds

Repatriation Health Cards, 7.1.2/Repatriation Health Card For All Conditions (Gold Card)