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Bereavement assistance

Part 8

see also "bereavement period"

see also "death"

see also "deceased veteran"

see also "indigent circumstances"

death of claimant, 2.1.5/Death of a Claimant

dependant child bereavement payment, 8.1.5

disability pension bereavement payment, 8.2

funeral benefit, 8.3

income support bereavement payment, 8.1

non-taxable status, 11.6.3

partnered income support pensioner bereavement payment, 8.1.4

Pension Loans Scheme not included, 5.4.3/Impact of Pension Loans Scheme on Other Entitlements

recovery restrictions of Pension Loans Scheme debt, 5.4.6/Recovery of Debt After Death of Debtor

single income support pensioner bereavement payment, 8.1.3

transportation of body costs, 8.3.2/Other Funeral Benefit Grant for a Deceased Veteran or Member

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