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23.6 Hearing Loss


Claims for hearing loss can often be complex and may require quite extensive investigation.  As a minimum starting point, investigation of all hearing loss claims should include confirmation of ADF service by completion of a Hearing Loss Supporting Statement and subsequent verification by the appropriate Service records area. Service employment details should be verified via a request to SAM.

There are two main types of deafness resulting from workplace exposure:

1.Noise induced hearing loss, also known as Sensori-Neural hearing loss. This usually occurs after a period of long term exposure to noise.  Audiograms will reveal higher level frequencies are generally affected first then eventually the lower level frequencies are will also indicate hearing problems.

2.Noise trauma, usually from a single incident.  Audiogram readings could show a high or low frequency loss or an across all frequency loss.

There are of course other medical conditions or injuries that can result in hearing loss. Normal investigation procedures would be followed during examination of claims based on those conditions or incidents.