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4.4 Causal Connection of Injury or Disease with Service




Section 8 VEA - War-caused death - veterans

Section 9 VEA - War-caused injury or disease - veterans

Section 70 VEA Eligibility for pension for Members of Defence Force or Peacekeeping Force

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This chapter contains information on establishing whether an injury or disease, suffered by a veteran, Member of the Forces or Member of a Peacekeeping Force has been causally connected to their service.

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Causal Connection of Injury or Disease with Service

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For the purposes of Part VI of the VEA, a reference to a veteran is taken to be a reference to:

  • a veteran as defined in subsection 5C(1) of the VEA;
  • a member of the Forces as defined in subsection 68(1) of the VEA; or
  • a member of a Peacekeeping Force as defined in subsection 68(1) of the VEA.

For the purposes of Part VII of the VEA, according to subsection 5C(1), veteran means a person (including a deceased person):

  • who is taken to have rendered eligible war service, or
  • in respect of whom a pension is, or pensions are, payable under subsection 13(6) and
  • in Part III and Part VIIC of the VEA includes a person who is:



A member of the forces is a person who served in the defence force for a continuous period that commenced after 7 December 1972 and has the type of service required in sections 69, 69A and 69B of the VEA.

“Member of a Peacekeeping Force means a person who is serving, or has served, with a Peacekeeping Force outside Australia as an Australian member, or as a member of the Australian contingent, of that Peacekeeping Force."