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9.10.4 Managing employment through the Employer Incentive Scheme


Prior to employment commencing – Rehabilitation Coordinator and Provider responsibilities

Before the employment commences, the DVA Rehabilitation Coordinator must send the employer a completed EIS offer letter and send the rehabilitation provider the EIS offer cover letter. These letters confirm the employer's participation in the scheme and outline DVA's expectations of the provider in relation to monitoring the client's participation in the scheme.DVA Rehabilitation Coordinators can access these letters through R&C ISH. Letters generated from R&C ISH will automatically attach to the client's UIN folder in TRIM.  

Ongoing monitoring – Rehabilitation Provider responsibilities

The rehabilitation service provider must closely monitor the placement for the first 6 months and provide monthly progress reports to the client's DVA Rehabilitation Coordinator.  These reports will be used as support evidence when the employer makes claims for the employment incentive payments at the end of the first three months of employment, and the second three months of employment.

At 9 months after employment commences, the rehabilitation service provider will review the client's progress, work performance and their continued suitability in the workplace and provide the DVA Rehabilitation Coordinator with a progress report highlighting any issues that need to be addressed. 

At 12 months after the employment commences, the rehabilitation service provider will review and report on the client's progress, work performance and employment status. This report should confirm entitlement to the retention bonus.  This bonus is payment when the employment will continue and result in ongoing employment.

Closure of the rehabilitation plan

The rehabilitation plan may be closed after the review at 12 months, unless there are other non-vocational rehabilitation activities that need to be considered or completed.