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9.10.2 Process for approving participation in the EIS


Participation in the Employer Incentive Scheme (EIS) must be discussed with, and approved by the DVA Rehabilitation Coordinator before employment commences.

As a general rule, a DVA Rehabilitation Coordinator must be satisfied that participation in the EIS is likely to lead to sustainable, ongoing employment for the client. If a DVA Rehabilitation Coordinator has concerns about whether it is appropriate to approve participation in the scheme for an individual client, they should contact the rehabilitation policy section at for advice.

Incentive payments can only be paid to an employer when:

  • participation in the EIS is an approved activity under a client's vocational rehabilitation plan;
  • a rehabilitation provider has been engaged to ensure that the employment is safe and suitable, given the client's medical restrictions and the type of work they will be undertaking, and to monitor progress of the client's participation in the scheme;
  • the client's DVA Rehabilitation Coordinator has approved participation in the scheme prior to employment commencing;
  • the employer is paying the client full award wages at a salary rate comparable to other employees doing similar work for the organisation/employer; and
  • the client's incapacity payments have been ceased or reduced in accordance with the client's new earnings.

The employer must provide DVA with details of the offer of employment including gross wages, hours of employment, duties and conditions of employment.