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9.10.1 Eligibility for the EIS

Last amended 
16 December 2021

Clients are eligible for the EIS if they are:

  • unable to return to their previous employer;
  • able to work within specified return to work medical guidelines; and
  • in receipt of incapacity benefits from DVA at the time of their initial employment.

Employers are eligible for the EIS if:

  • they have not previously employed the client - previous participation in a work trial with the employer is acceptable;
  • they have not previously received an EIS payment for the person;
  • they are not an Australian Government, state/territory government entity*;
  • their place of employment meets the necessary work health and safety standards;
  • they do not unreasonably dismiss other workers to create vacancies for workers available with incentives;
  • they can provide ongoing full or part time paid employment or an apprenticeship or traineeship for the worker;
  • the role is not a self-employment or a subcontracted position; and
  • the employer is not an immediate family member of the veteran – this includes the spouse, partner, child, parent, grandparent, grandchild or sibling of the veteran.

The EIS is only available to employers that are offering employment based in Australia.

*Note: A local government entity can be an eligible EIS employer, provided the employment position is not funded by an Australian state or territory government.