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8.7 Travel and Other Expenses for Carers

Last amended 
14 April 2023

Sections 290(2) and 291(2) of MRCA provide compensation for journey and accommodation costs reasonably incurred by an attendant who is approved by a delegate to accompany a client to obtain compensable treatment. Approval must be given in advance of the travel being undertaken.

Attendant’s costs for travel to accompany a client to attend vocational rehabilitation or a medical review are not normally payable. However, where a medical practitioner has certified that the attendant is required to accompany a client or attend separately when it is clinically recommended that they participate in a Commission approved treatment program, such as a PTSD course, and that attendance is identified as being of benefit to the client, reasonably incurred travel and accommodation costs may be approved by a delegate using the existing legislative provisions as endorsed by the Commission.

Further details about travel and other expenses for carers can be found in section 9.1.2 of the MRCA Manual and chapter 90 of the DRCA General Handbook in the Military Compensation library.

Travel, accommodation and associated ancillary costs of carers can also be met where a client has severe disabilities and needs an attendant carer to accompany them to approved activities under a psychosocial rehabilitation plan. Delegates must refer to the policy guidelines in section 6.6 of this Guide to guide decision making.