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15.3.1 Life Satisfaction Indicators

Last amended 
31 May 2017

The provider gives DVA Form D9230 Life Satisfaction Indicators (LSI) to the client as part of the rehabilitation assessment. It is suggested that the LSI is provided to the client prior to the assessment appointment,  as this will enable clients to consider appropriate responses before that appointment.

The client completes the LSI form to indicate how he or she is coping across a range of domains including employment, finances, health and personal relationships.

The life satisfaction indicators gives an opportunity for providers to initiate discussions with clients through the development of goals and identifying areas of the client’s life that require improvement. The LSI also has the potential to identify further areas of unmet need where DVA may be able to provide additional assistance or support to individual clients.

DVA Rehabilitation Coordinators are responsible for entering LSI scores into R&C ISH against the individual client case.