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11.3.1 Selecting Rehabilitation Providers for DVA Clients in Rural or Remote Areas

Where a client in need of the services of a rehabilitation service provider resides in a rural or remote location and where easy access to a Comcare or MRCC approved rehabilitation service provider is not possible, it may be necessary to use a non-Comcare / MRCC approved provider. 

In such situations, it will be necessary to consult with Comcare regarding their knowledge of the proposed service provider and their suitability to provide the required rehabilitation services for the particular client.

Requests to use a non-Comcare approved rehabilitation provider must be forwarded to the Rehabilitation Policy section via email to 'Rehabilitation'.

Where there is a non-Comcare approved rehabilitation service provider in close proximity to the client and a Comcare approved rehabilitation provider is also within the region, but due to distance it is not practicable for them to be appointed as the client's primary rehabilitation service provider, a subcontracting arrangement may be put in place following advice from the Rehabilitation Policy section.