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5.2 Who May Benefit from a Medical Management Rehabilitation Program

Medical management support

DVA may identify if a client requires medical management support if the client:

  • self reports as having significant difficulties in managing their treatment;
  • is reported as in need of assistance by their health professionals;
  • is a former ADF Cadet who because of their age, requires additional assistance in managing his/her treatment;
  • presents with multiple injuries and high support needs;
  • has been identified as being non compliant with their medical treatment regimes;
  • is immobile and totally dependent; or
  • presents as managing their medical treatment needs but unless their condition is managed more effectively/appropriately it could lead to a relapse or impact on their home or work environments.

Medical management needs

Medical management needs may be identified:

  • during the process of completing a Needs Assessment;
  • prior to the client transitioning from the ADF;
  • with the client self reporting a need;
  • by an ADF Cadet's family member or guardian reporting a need;
  • during a rehabilitation assessment; or
  • at any point in the rehabilitation process when it becomes apparent that the client is experiencing difficulties managing their medical treatment needs.

Management of medical treatment

Improved management of medical treatment needs may help the client:

  • reintroduce critical structure back into their lives;
  • alleviate anxiety and confusion which is often associated with being on the 'medical treadmill';
  • connect to services and people who provide critical support and keep providers on-side;
  • develop confidence for the client to set goals, plan ahead and focus on recovery;
  • access information about an illness or health conditions and so promote better management and acceptance of health conditions;
  • through support encourage client's to disclose their circumstances (especially mental health matters) and provides a sense of permission to have an illness or injury;
  • to develop new expectations; and/or
  • foster a sense of hope rather than reinforcing a negative, passive illness status.

Where a claim is accepted under the Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA) the client is able to access general rehabilitation services such as medical treatment and aids and appliances with their DVA Health Card.