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15.4 Outcome Reporting

Goal Attainment Scaling outcome reporting provides DVA with a link between the whole-of-person model of rehabilitation and the measurement of whole of-person outcomes. Reporting data obtained by Scaling and the Life Satisfaction Indicators (LSI) process assists DVA to understand the level of success or otherwise for clients receiving rehabilitation services.

The increased detail that Scaling generates for reporting purposes is crucial in assisting DVA to better understand clients’ needs and ensure the services delivered best support those in need. With Scaling, DVA will be able to clearly define and report on the broad range of client services and support and better address complex and whole‑of‑person needs including:

  • medical management, vocational and psychosocial outcomes achieved through a whole‑of‑person program;
  • job related LSI scores at plan closure;
  • changes in LSI scores over the duration of the plan;
  • average LSI score of all clients;
  • improvements in overall life satisfaction at the assessment, progress and closure points of rehabilitation;
  • provider performance results which show achievements in positive outcomes for clients or determining where further training or support is required;
  • average Scaling scores;
  • individual Scaling scores; and
  • the number of plans involving more than one category of intervention. For example, vocational, psychosocial or medical management.