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12.5.2 VVRS assistance for transport and accommodation

Last amended 
20 March 2016

This topic relates to section 4.2 of the VVRS Instrument.

Note: This assistance is only available to the veteran.

Grant may be made in special circumstances

Accommodation assistance will generally only be available to veterans in rural and remote areas who need to travel to another population centre while undertaking vocational rehabilitation or for the purposes of assessments or meetings with Rehabilitation Service Providers associated with participation in the VVRS.

While transport costs involved in travel to and from a job interview are not generally covered by the VVRS, it can be considered under special circumstances (4.2.1 of the Instrument). For example, the only job interview a veteran has been able to secure is hundreds of kilometres from where he/she resides. The travel and accommodation costs may be covered under the VVRS to support the aim of securing suitable employment.

Special circumstances could also include:

  • Attendance at a training course which has been approved under the VVRS if the venue is a substantial distance from the veteran's residence.
  • Travel to attend a work trial which is undertaken a substantial distance from the veteran's residence.

As a general rule, participants in the VVRS would be expected to pay their own transport and parking costs where such costs would not exceed those normally incurred. The Scheme would generally not provide assistance for a veteran to travel within metropolitan areas. However, should a claim be made on financial hardship grounds, the veteran will need to demonstrate to the VVRS Coordinator that failure to provide assistance in these items would result in a substantial financial hardship that would jeopardise the achievement of a suitable vocational outcome. Full financial statements of family income would be required to justify this claim.

The amount that may be reimbursed is the current Repatriation Transport Scheme (RTS) rate provided for the use of a private vehicle or public transport.

Parking fees

Consideration may be given to assistance with parking fees for veterans who are unable to use public transport because of their disabilities, and who are required to incur parking fees while undertaking an approved program (see 1.3.2 and 1.3.3 in the VVRS Instrument). The principles of the RTS Guidelines will provide a basis for determining reimbursement.

Assistance ceases once the veteran commences paid employment

These allowances are for specific circumstances and not for normal expenses incurred in obtaining and maintaining employment.