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12.2.3 Commencement and cessation of a vocational rehabilitation program

This topic relates to section 2.3 of the VVRS Instrument.

Failure to comply with an approved plan or approved program

Grounds for cessation of a veteran's participation in the Veterans' Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme (VVRS) may include continually failing to attend appointments with Rehabilitation Service Providers.

If the Rehabilitation Service Provider is to recommend to the VVRS Coordinator to determine that a veteran is no longer participating in, or undertaking, a vocational program because:

  • the veteran has, without reasonable cause, failed to comply with, or participate in, an important element of an approved plan or vocational rehabilitation program; or
  • is not capable of completing an approved program (2.3.2 of the VVRS Instrument); or
  • the veteran is unable to be contacted for a period of at least a month, by the Rehabilitation Service Provider and the VVRS Coordinator has notified the veteran in writing that rehabilitation activities will cease unless the veteran makes contact with their Provider or the Coordinator within a month after the date of the letter; or
  • the veteran fails to complete or participate in the rehabilitation process from the initial application stage through to the rehabilitation program approval process. In this situation, the veteran is deemed as a non-participant for program purposes. Veterans wishing to be considered for rehabilitation are obliged to comply with the initial assessment process;

the Rehabilitation Service Provider will prepare a recommendation to the VVRS Coordinator giving reasons for the termination or non acceptance onto the Scheme.

Cessation of a vocational rehabilitation program

A veteran who obtains work through the VVRS, although no longer receiving rehabilitation services, will be regarded as being on a program as long as they are working. Consequently, procedures will need to be clear so that there is a defined decision date by decision makers that is recorded for pension protection purposes. (A case to be “closed” for the purposes of a rehabilitation program, but a veteran may continue to be covered by the pension protection provisions.)