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10.12.5 Modifying a motor vehicle

Last amended 
16 May 2016

An eligible person is entitled to motor vehicle modifications if the delegate is satisfied that:

  • the person owns a motor vehicle or has an interest in a motor vehicle which is capable of being modified for use by the person; and
  • any other person who has an interest in the motor vehicle agrees to the motor vehicle being modified in the proposed way.  If the other interest-holder does not agree to the proposed modifications, the person may be entitled to compensation for an initial new or second-hand or replacement motor vehicle.

An ‘interest’ in a motor vehicle means a joint interest in the motor vehicle or other interest, but does not include an interest as a mortgagor.

Once a request for modifications for a vehicle have been approved, the modifications can be paid for by DVA direct to the vehicle company or mechanic on behalf of an eligible person or, an eligible person can be reimbursed if they paid for modifications themselves.