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10.12.4 Getting advice from an approved program provider

Last amended 
15 August 2013

Delegates should request an assessment from a suitably qualified approved program provider, or a Driver Trained Specialist Occupational Therapist, in relation to the type of motor vehicle and/or modifications appropriate for the person given the nature of their impairment.

Any advice obtained should be considered when determining the amount of compensation payable under the MVCS.

An ‘approved program provider’ as defined by section 41(1) of the MRCA means:

  • a person nominated in writing by a rehabilitation authority, being a person the rehabilitation authority is satisfied has appropriate skills and expertise to design and provide rehabilitation programs; or
  • a person or body that is an approved program provider for the purposes of the SRCA; that is, that the MRCC and Comcare have approved the applicant as a rehabilitation program provider.

Directory of approved program providers is provided on the Comcare website.

An approved program provider or occupational therapist should ideally be someone who is accredited with the relevant state motor vehicle authority to undertake driving assessments.