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10.12.2 Who is not eligible for MVCS?

Last amended 
15 August 2013

A person will not be entitled to compensation under the MVCS if they are a resident of a care institution and are not capable of leaving that institution.

A “care institution” means:

  • a residential care facility;
  • a hospital;
  • a hospice;
  • a psychiatric institution; or
  • any similar institution that provides daily care for the person, but does not include the person’s private home.

A person is not entitled to compensation under the MVCS if the person receives or has received:

  • a payment or other form of assistance for the purchase of a motor vehicle; or
  • a motor vehicle; or
  • the use of a motor vehicle; or
  • under any other law, contract, agreement or understanding within 5 years before making an application for compensation under the MVCS.

Note: This includes motor vehicles or motor vehicle modifications received under the Vehicle Assistance Scheme of the VEA or section 39 of the SRCA.