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5.8.3 NEL Table 3 - Other Loss


Table 3 may only be used in claims where it is clear that a particular element of non-economic loss cannot be assessed under Tables 1, 2 or 4. A majority of claims will not require a rating under 'Other Loss'. This is particularly the case for musculo-skeletal claims.

To obtain a rating under this table, it must be demonstrated that the injury or impairment has resulted in a personal deprivation or disadvantage other than the experience of pain, suffering, loss of amenities or loss of life expectancy.

A claim for a score under this table must be carefully examined to ensure that there is no duplication of benefit either within the NEL process or other benefits available under the SRCA.  For example mention could be made by the client of loss of wages (incapacity payments) or need for specific medication (reasonable costs met under S16 of SRCA).