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5.8.2 NEL Table 2 - Loss of Amenities


Table 2 recognises the impact of the accepted condition(s) on Mobility, Social Relationships and for Recreation and Leisure Activities.

Mobility concerns the client's ability to move about their environment both within the home and outside. The effect on activities such as shopping, driving, using public transport and the need for aids or devices to assist in mobility should be considered under this heading.

Social Relationships is about the effect on a person's ability and capacity to engage in usual social and personal relationships. As indicated in the descriptive statements of the guide matters such as impact on immediate and extended family, close friends and acquaintances in social situations are noted in the section. Care should be taken not to include impact on recreation and leisure activities in this section as separate recognition is made under the next heading.

Recreation and Leisure activities are often the area most affected by an ADF employment related injury. Given the fitness requirements and high level of participation in sporting activities as part of their employment, an inability to continue in such activities can be quite distressing. A commonly used approach is to look at before and after injury activities and match against the descriptive statements in the NEL process. Generally most people, unless severely affected can undertake some leisure and sporting activities, albeit less rewarding than pre injury.