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5.8.1 NEL Table 1 - Pain and Suffering


Only the permanent effects of pain and suffering should be recognised when identifying which statement under the various headings best describes the impact of the accepted condition.


Both pain and suffering are subjective matters and there is no one size fits all. Delegates should be able to assess from available information what can be considered a fair representation of the condition's impact.


Regarding pain, indicators such as medical reports or records (both in service and post service), approval to pay for specific medication or records of payment for medication can indicate medication levels and possible impact on the claimant.


Suffering is an important issue to consider. As mentioned earlier it is a very subjective matter. The effects variously named anguish, grief, frustration, fear, humiliation, embarrassment etc. as a result of the accepted conditions can be measured if a medical report specifically addresses such problems. However there will be many cases where such information is not available. In these situations delegates should be guided by what is the requirement as per the NEL questionnaire to be considered at a specific level.