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5.8 NEL Tables 1-5 and Questionnaire


When considering the appropriate scores in relation to the NEL questionnaire, delegates should be guided by the client's contentions (ie comments in the NEL questionnaire) and the assessing medical practitioner's opinion along with the medical evidence on file and held within DVA.  Delegates should also bear in mind that some clients may over-estimate the effects of the impairment while others may adopt a stoical attitude and downplay the real effects of their impairment upon their lifestyle.  The Whole Person Impairment percentage can also provide some guidance around the reasonableness of scores, for example a 10% WPI might result in scores at the lower end and an 80% WPI might result in scores a the higher end.  These instructins are guidelines only and delegates should use their discretion and the flexibility afforded under their delegation when making a decision. The decision should be explained and documented on the file and in the determination.