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5.7.4 Current NEL Scores for Reassessments with Multiple Impairments


While a NEL payment can be made for every accepted injury that results in PI compensation under section 24, the structure of S27(1) of the SRCA restricts to just one the number of NEL assessments in respect of 'that injury or impairment'. In other words, regardless of the number of impairments arising from an injury, one S27 NEL assessment covers all impairments. The amount of S27 compensation may be reassessed if the degree of impairment subsequently increases by 10% or more (S25(4)), or by 2.5% WPI or more in the case of binaural hearing loss (S25(5)) .


The Permanent Impairment Calculator mirrors this structure by collecting only one set of current NEL scores (and one set of previous NEL scores if a reassessment) for all impairments arising from an injury. Note that multiple injuries arising from a single claim are assessed separately.


Where a reassessment is being conducted, the Calculator establishes the 'B' amount of NEL compensation by subtracting the previous weighted NEL scores from the current weighted NEL scores, converting this total to a percentage and then multiplying this percentage by the current maximum statutory amount.


Where there has been an increase in all impairments the user simply enters the combined loss from all impairments into the current score fields.


Where one impairment has not increased a slightly different approach is required. The current NEL score entered in the Calculator should be the higher of the previous score or the current score alone (i.e. excluding the effects of the impairment which has not increased). This has the effect of compensating only for the impairment(s) that have increased.