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25.3.1 Monitoring


The MRCC Manager must report to the Director of the Policy and Procedures Section of MRCC National Office, Canberra, every month on the outcome of the surveillance:

  • whether the surveillance supported the suspicion on which the request for surveillance was based, and
  • whether any further steps were taken as a result of the surveillance.

Any queries concerning the above information should be directed to the Director of the Policy and Procedures Section of MRCC National Office, Canberra.

Application for surveillance

Requesting Officer

Claim Reference

PART A?—?Purpose and Justification of Surveillance

The only purpose is to ascertain if the claimant may be:

a)misrepresenting his/her disability

b)claiming excessive disabilities

c)malingering, or

d)involved in the commission of a fraud.

The justification is based on adequate evidence supporting why the claimant is suspected on one or more of the above.

PART B?—? Personal Details of the Subject

Name of the subject

Please provide a brief physical description and any personal characteristics of the individual to be observed by covert surveillance.

This is to minimise the risk of observing the wrong person.


Please provide description of any known dwelling(s) where the subject of the surveillance may reside, work or visit during the surveillance period.

Residential address


Business address


Any other visiting address during surveillance period


Other relevant details of surveillance subject

PART C?—?Nature and Details of Claim

Please provide a summary of all relevant details pertaining to the claim.

PART D?—?Kind of Information to be Collected

Please provide the type of information to be collected by the surveillance.


  • the performance of physical activities that may indicate that the individual concerned is making a false claim (e.g. ability to lift objects known to be very heavy).

  • the performance of work and/or business activity that may indicate unreported income.

PART E?—?Alternative Investigation Methods Considered

Please include any investigation steps taken or considered up to this point in the investigation to obtain the information required and the results, if any, of these steps.

Alternative methods may include:

  • interviewing claimants

  • interviewing witnesses

  • reviewing agency records, and

  • reviewing claimant's records.

PART F?—?Comparison of the Cost to Benefit of Conducting Surveillance

Please provide the relative cost/benefits of undertaking or not undertaking the surveillance.

For example:

  • an estimate of the financial or other resource costs of the surveillance

  • whether the amounts involved in a worker's compensation claim warrant the costs involved in the covert surveillance.

PART G?—? Details of the Investigator to Undertake Surveillance

Please provide particulars of the investigator undertaking the surveillance.

PART H?—? Legal Counsel Involvement

Please provide details of whether the procedure has been recommended by MRCC's legal advisers or other relevant legal advisers.

Regardless of recommendation, MRCC must still satisfy the Privacy Guidelines.

PART I?—?Method by which Information is to be collected

Please provide the method by which information is to be collected:

  • by observations and the recording of the observations in a log book

  • by photography

  • by video recordings

  • by combinations of the above.

PART J?—?Period and Scope of Surveillance

Please provide the period and scope of the surveillance