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25.2.3 Approval to conduct covert surveillance


Covert surveillance should be considered on a case?by?case basis. Approval can only be given by the relevant MRCC Manager in consultation with the Director of the Policy and Procedures Section of MRCC National Office. A copy of the approved application must be stored separately from the claim file.

The signed hard copy Application for Surveillance form will be mailed in the over?night/locked bag (double sealed and marked 'TO BE OPENED BY ADDRESSEE ONLY') to Director, Policy and Procedures Section, MRCC National Office, Canberra to be held as the archive copy. Surveillance approvals will be monitored by MRCC National Office.

Approval is to be issued for a limited time only, as follows:

a)the period of surveillance should be appropriate to the circumstances of each case, but should not extend beyond 30 continuous days. This means 30 calendar days. If the surveillance subject was first observed on the 1st of a month, the surveillance should not extend beyond the 30th of that month. This period must not be extended unless there is reasonable justification in the circumstances for doing so.

b)a new application should be made to extend or recommence covert surveillance after the initial approval has expired.