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D4j Tier 1, 2 and 3 Reject - Group 1 Reject - Reviewed Claim



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I refer to your previous application for Tier classification as an F-111 deseal/reseal program participant or F-111 fuel tank entry maintenance worker. Your previous application was rejected.

Given recent changes to the Tier classification system, your application has been reviewed. After careful consideration of all the information you previously provided and the details of your service, we find that your duties do not satisfy the definitions of a Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 participant or a Group 1 participant for the purposes of the SHOAMP Health Care Scheme.

This is because (PROVIDE AN EXPLANATION, eg. you were not part of a formal deseal/reseal program and did not enter an F-111 fuel tank for maintenance purposes).

You are, however, found to be a Group 2 participant of the SHOAMP Health Care Scheme.

Your Group 2 classification allows you to access counselling services through the VVCS - Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of this reconsideration, and your allocation of Tier 3 classification, you can apply to the Commonwealth Ombudsman on 1300 362 072, to examine your case. The Ombudsman can only consider how the decision was reached - the decision-making process undertaken and the information considered by DVA. The Ombudsman cannot review the decision itself.

We are also obligated to mention to you the Freedom of Information Act 1982, where you can have access to your personal files or any other non-exempt documents, if you have concerns with your case. You may also inspect the manuals, guidelines, rules and instructions which may be used by officers in making decisions relating to members of the public. For further details contact DVA on 1800 555 254 for the Freedom of Information Section.

Yours sincerely

F-111 Tier Classification Team

For and on behalf of

The Hon Warren Snowdon MP

Minister for Veterans' Affairs

Minister for Defence Science and Personnel