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2.1.19 Multiple Claims for Multiple and Subsequent Injuries

Many ADF members with long service may receive more than a single injury during their service.  The MRCA requires that a claim for compensation is made in respect to each individual instance of injury or disease and the determination of liability for each instance of injury is essentially independent of the others. Each concession of liability carries with it a possible further eligibility for compensation.


This does not mean a separate claim form is required for each injury resulting from a single incident (eg multiple fractures and soft tissue damage caused in a vehicle crash).  Such injuries are to be considered for liability together and be dealt with on a single file.  The liability determination establishes the status of these injuries as a suite of medical consequences of a single instance.


Similarly, bilateral conditions (eg excessive wear to both knee joints due to a single ongoing cause such as vigorous exercise) are to be dealt with as a single claim stemming from a single (albeit ongoing) instance.