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12.7.6 Use of VEA MIA forms for MRCA PI purposes

Generally speaking, just because medical evidence has been collected for the purposes of a VEA claim, there is nothing to stop a delegate using such evidence for the purposes of a MRCA claim, providing that it is clinically relevant to the MRCA claim at hand.

However, such evidence should only be used:

  1. With the express consent of the client; or
  2. To confirm a beneficial outcome for the client

Assessing relevance of the VEA MIA requires a judgement call from the delegate, who can be informed through liaison with CMAs or treating doctors. While not determinative, the recency of the evidence is a factor to consider when determining relevance.

A client should always be given the opportunity to present new evidence, if they desire. Delegates should also note the policies regarding age of medical evidence within this manual.