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12.7.5 Assessment of VEA and/or SRCA Condition

Last amended 
12 December 2014

The pages below dictate the situations where existing VEA and DRCA evidence can be used as part of a MRCA assessment. Broadly speaking, the Commission takes the view that existing DRCA and/or VEA evidence can be used with the client's consent wherever such evidence is medically appropriate, and where it confirms a beneficial outcome.

Where the use of DRCA and VEA evidence is inappropriate, delegates will need to arrange an appointment for MRCA PI compensation claimants to undergo an up-to-date medical examination of their VEA and/or SRCA conditions in order to obtain impairment ratings under GARP M. 

If a claimant's DRCA and VEA evidence cannot be used, and the client is not willing to undergo a new medical examination of the VEA and/or SRCA conditions, MRCA compensation cannot be calculated.