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Last amended 
18 December 2014

Determine the compensation factor to be applied using GARP M Chapter 23 Calculating Permanent Impairment Compensation. It may be necessary to utilise the formula under the heading “Combined Ratings” in Chapter 23 to arrive at a weighted compensation factor.

In order to use this formula, conditions accepted under the VEA should be treated as if they relate to warlike/non-warlike service and conditions accepted under the SRCA should be treated as if they relate to peacetime service.  Where a condition is accepted under both the VEA and the SRCA, treat the condition as if it were related to warlike/non-warlike service.

In bringing across VEA and SRCA conditions, it may be necessary to apply apportionment under Chapter 20 of GARP where the client has two or more conditions accepted under two different Acts which affect the same body system.  As per a single Act situation, apportionment is used to establish the separate contribution each condition makes to the overall functional impairment. It may be required in some cases to determine the appropriate impairment rating and the relevant compensation factor to be applied.