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11.3 General Overpayment recovery (Part 3)

Note : refer to the Chief Executive Instructions, Chapter 7 “Debt Management”

The overpayment recovery provisions are detailed in Part 3 of Chapter 11 of the MRCA.  However, specific overpayment provisions relating to treatment overpayments and incapacity overpayments are found in other parts of the MRCA.  The write-off and waiver provisions are located at sections 428 and 429 in Part 6.

An overpayment relates to a situation where a person has been paid some form of monetary compensation under the MRCA and through error, misrepresentation or other circumstances, that person has received more compensation than they are entitled to.  An overpayment generally means that the person owes a debt to the Commonwealth which should be recovered.

A debt to the Commonwealth can be recovered by a single repayment of the overpayment amount. Alternatively, the overpayment can be recovered through deductions from the claimant's usual compensation payments.