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1.4.3 Protocols for Telephone Conversations and Personal Meetings

Telephone contact with compensation claimants can obviously be helpful in determining claims more quickly than might be possible by written correspondence. Delegates are therefore encouraged to seek further information by telephone, especially in cases where it would be possible to determine or finalise the claim faster.

It should be noted that if the claimant has a nominated representative in relation to their claim for compensation then;

  • Contact should only be with the representative.
  • If a delegate considers that it is essential to speak to the claimant, the representative must be advised of the intention to speak to the claimant directly and must also be advised why it is considered necessary.
  • If the representative indicates that the delegate should not contact the claimant directly, then contact should not be made.
  • If the representative suggests alternatives which may allow the delegate to obtain any necessary information, the delegate should consider whether the suggestions are appropriate before proceeding.