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3.6.1 Instalment Relief Applications- General


Where a Certificate of Entitlement is issued for instalment relief, it is sent direct to the Bank (the DSHL Unit, The Mortgage Company, SA, BSB 035-892   The covering letter to the applicant should confirm the advice presumably already given by the Bank, that any reduction in the amount of the instalment does not relieve the borrower of the liability to repay the full amount of the debt plus interest.  It should be mentioned in the letter that the relief approved is for a specified period only, at the end of which the relief granted will cease.  The applicant should be advised that if continuity of relief is likely to be sought, it will be necessary to re-apply for a fresh certificate preferably around three weeks prior to the current relief expiration date.  This will enable sufficient time for DSH to process the new request before the existing relief cuts out.

A relief application from a widow/widower may be accepted and processed in anticipation where there is no impediment to the widow/widower becoming established as the sole purchaser or borrower (ie she/he is the surviving joint tenant, or administration of the estate has reached the stage where the deceased purchaser's or borrower's interest in the property may be transferred to the widow/widower as the person beneficially entitled and she/he is otherwise eligible to be established as a purchaser or borrower.